To become a Biotic:
If you choose to receive training in Biotics within your chosen career refer to this section.

Training normally costs 20,000cr. though you may roll on your career’s injury table to see how much of that is paid for by them. Your biotic skill starts at 7 but comes with a drawback, roll on the drawback table below to see what it is. If this is your first career term you start with Telekinesis 0, Kinetic Fields 0, and Spacial Distortion 0, and three skills chosen from the service table. Otherwise you may select one biotic skill to receive at 0.

Biotic Table:
This can be rolled on as part of a career instead of local tables.
1 Telekinesis
2 Kinetic Fields
3 Spatial Distortion
4 Pick any Biotic skill (possibly physical enhancement?)
5 Biotic skill Increase
6 Biotic skill Increase

*In any event or mishap that calls for a physical combat skill roll, a biotic skill may be rolled instead.

Drawbacks for biotics: (Roll d6 and add or subtract modifiers)
2 heavy damage, terminally ill, 2 biotics
-1 heavy damage, terminally ill, -1 biotics
0 heavy damage (as 2 on injury table, but Int may be damaged as well,) terminally Ill
1 moderate damage (as 4 on injury table, but Int may be damaged as well.)
2 mild damage (as 6 on injury table, but Int may be damaged as well.)
3 migraines (No mechanical statistic)
4 mild headaches (No mechanical statistic)
5 no drawback
6 no drawback, 1 biotics
no drawback, 2 biotics

*Using Red Dust to gain temp biotics gives a character a Biotics skill of 8, or +3 if they already had it.
*-1 penalty on drawback table for every term taken before possessing biotic equipment

Biotic Abilities:
No actual abilities exist, use your imagination. Whatever you think could work, just might.
Below are mechanic guidelines.

-Ability that lasts rounds, lasts for relevant biotics skill level in rounds
-Ability that moves, moves a number of squares equal to your relevant biotics skill level+effect of roll, target also may have an additional effect based on circumstances, such as being prone.
-Ability that hinders, hinders all targets physical or mental skills by effect
-Ability that affects armor increases or decreases barrier by roll result.
-Ability that only harms target deals 1d6+d6 equal to relevant biotics skill level. Armor on target is doubled against this kind of attack.
-Ability that harms with move deal damage (d6-1) equal to squares moved.
-Ability that harms over time, deals effect of roll in damage and applies a -1DM on all rolls until it ends. Damage ignores armor.
-Ability that affects multiple targets can affect a number of squares equal to your relevant biotics skill level. Biotics user receives -1 DM on roll for each additional square.

Range on Biotic Abilities:
As Shotgun

When Using Biotic Abilities:
A “Cooldown” is put on the relevant biotics skill when used equal to the skill level+1 in rounds. A Biotics User may elect to use a skill at a lower level to reduce the cooldown.


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