Omni-Blade: 2d6+2 damage on hit, 0 heft, counts as program/0, double the damage when you get the “drop” on the target.
Omni-Shield: gives 1/4 hard cover, however it imparts a -1DM on all dexterity based rolls while in effect. Runs program/0.
Cloaking: may be bought as expert program stealth/#.
Heavy Pistol: as Gauss Pistol(pg.99core,) 100cr ammo block
Snub Pistol: as Snub Pistol(pg.99core,) 50cr ammo block
Grenades: as book (pg.101core)
Rifles: as Gauss Rifle(pg.99core,) 200cr ammo block
Sniper Rife: as Laser Rifle(pg.100core,) 1000cr ammo block

*Standard Ammo Block sold separately.

Alternate Ammo Blocks:
The cost of the Alternate Ammo Blocks is added to the cost of the standard block cost. Ammo Blocks costing 1KCr use program/1 on your Omni-Tool, while those that cost 5KCr use program/2. It’s obvious to any onlookers if you have an alternate ammo pack installed and in use, though without knowledge of it they may or may not know exactly what kind.

Incendiary Ammo Block: If shot deals damage to organic, the target takes a -1 penalty on DMs for 1 round. 5000cr.
Cryo Ammo Block: Weapon deals -3 damage, if shot deals damage, the target takes a -1 on DMs and -1 on init for 1 round. 5000cr.
Disrupter Ammo Block: If shot deals damage to synthetic, the target takes a -1 on DMs for 1 round. 5000cr.
Shredder Ammo Block: Weapon deals +2 damage to unarmored organic targets. 1000cr.
Armor Piercing Ammo Block: Weapon deals +1 damage to armored and synthetic targets. 1000cr.
Warp Ammo Block: Weapon deals +1 damage to biotic-based barriers and +3 vs targets affected by biotics. 1000cr.

*Intelligent weapon upgrade is not allowed, though the Omni-Tool can have programs that affect weapons and armor.
*It takes two minor actions to change a ammo block, though this is in addition to the normal minor action to change programs.
*Using burst fire twice in a row on the same weapon, or Full-Auto once causes the weapon to build up too much heat requiring one round to cool.


Inside the Veil Rozak